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About Lynn-Ette & Sons Inc.

    The farm is located at 1512 Kent Road, Kent NY. It was originated in the early nineteen hundreds, and consisted of only 130 acres. During that time, the farm was owned and managed by George and Beatrice Roberts. When the time came for them to retire, their grandson Lynn Roberts, and then wife Annette Roberts, decided to purchase the farm and continure with production.  

Lynn-Ette & Sons farm today    In 1991, Lynn Roberts purchased what is now known as Roberts Circle R Fruit Farms Inc., which is located at 13485 Roosevelt Highway, Waterport NY. That farm consists of 554 acres of fresh and processing apples, peaches, along with nectarines. In the spring of 2012, Lynn designed a new building for the fruit stand/ice-cream stand. Not only do we offer fresh produce, but also baked goods, canned goods, and Perry's custard and hard ice-cream. During the summer, the fruit stand/ice-cream stand is open 7 days a week. Roberts Circle R Fruit Stand is managed by Bernard Heberle. 

    In 2006, Lynn Roberts introduced Lynn-Ette Trucking LLC in order to transport our own produce quicker and more efficiently. We currently have one driver, who is very successful. Today, Lynn-Ette Trucking LLC is still going strong.

    Today, Lynn Roberts, his youngest son Darren Roberts, and son-in-law Greg Jurs run and manage the 8000 acre farm. Their hard work and dedication is what makes the farm a success. Dedication is the key element for success on a farm. With the help from all of the employees, Lynn-Ette & Sons Inc. is able to obtain their goals year to year. 

ph meterOur beans: Our Beans are hydro-cooled to eliminate field heat and provide a longer shelf life. They are packed in wirebound crates. Planting beans in intervals, and giving our pack line a six-day work week assures our customers continuously fresh high quality produce. New to our bean packing line is a PH meter that measures the PH and water quality to further ensure that our customers get a top quality product. 

Our fresh market green and red cabbage: Our fresh market green and red cabbage is packed in wax cartons with wrapper leaves, and held in refrigerated storage to assure that the complete core is at a consistent temperature. From mid-November through the end of June, we trim and pack approximately 6,000 tons of storage cabbage in wax cartons, bags, 36” and 60” bulk cardboard bins. Our packing procedures allow us to deliver quality product with the least amount of handling. 

    At Lynn-Ette and Sons, Inc. we strive for quality not quantity. As costs continue to rise, our goal is not only to provide top quality products for what this market can bear, but also to deliver an honest representation of our products.